Pharmacy Profile

Falk’s Nursing Service is a full service Long Term Care Pharmacy located in Duluth, Minnesota. We have 35 years’ experience servicing skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes, correctional facilities and many other long term care facilities. We are proud to be independently owned and operated since our original incorporation in 1939.

To serve the demanding clientele in the pharmacy and healthcare industry, we make use of the latest technological innovations, robotics, and software available. We are readily accessible 24/7/365. We use Framework Link, a web based software for direct electronic communication connecting the facility directly with the pharmacy. We provide a wide range of prescription packaging solutions for medication administration. We provide IV medications, nursing support and supplies directly from Falk’s. Falk’s can provide you with facility and IV policy manuals plus a library of staff educational materials all in addition to our nursing and staff CE programs. Our RNs can provide immunizations and training sessions onsite in your facility. Falk’s provides a Sharps disposal service through our contract with Stericycle and we can accept medications for credit and provide medication destruction, where allowed by law. We maintain our own delivery fleet and drivers for consistent and reliable service and we even have a real person answer the phone always.

Our Staff

Our pharmacy employs a team of 60, including 9 Registered Pharmacists who are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of long term care patients and facilities. Within this group of pharmacist’s are Doctors of Pharmacy that perform state and federal required facility and resident consultations. Falk’s also employs four RNs who specialize in I.V. therapy and have additional training in geriatrics.

In addition, a dedicated staff of certified pharmacy technicians and IT professionals are based out of the specialized LTC pharmacy location. Operations, administrative support and accounting are located adjacent to the pharmacy.

Our facilities enjoy complete direct access to all of Falk’s members, from technicians to the owner of the company.

Contact Information

  • Falk's Nursing Service LTC Pharmacy 221 E. 14th Street Duluth, Minnesota 55811
  • Phone:   218-740-2650 Fax:       218-740-3443 Office:    218-728-4242 Email:
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