Clinical Pharmacy Services

Falk’s Nursing Service LTC Pharmacy currently employs a 60-member expert team of professionals including registered pharmacists, registered IV nurses, certified pharmacy technicians, accounting and information technology professionals.

With this robust team, we shall provide a wide range of Clinical Pharmacy services including but not limited to:

  • Customized Packaging
    Prescription packaging solutions for med administration.
  • IV Infusion Services
    I.V. medications, supplies and nursing support available directly from Falk’s.
  • Education
    Provides facilities with policy and staff educational materials and support.
  • Immunizations
    Vaccinations/Immunization services by Falk’s Registered Nurses
  • Delivery & Emergency Service
    Maintains a fleet of company delivery vehicles and drivers for consistent and reliable service that is always free.
  • Compounding
    Custom preparation of unique medications; compounded prescription meds adjusted to the patient’s preferences or medicinal needs
  • DME & Medical Supplies
    A wide range of medical supplies and durable medical equipment for home and professional use
  • Resources
    • Medication credit and return service (where allowed by law)
    • Sharps disposal service provided free through Steri-cycle.
    • Superior data security through a mirrored server system and off- site backup for failure or disaster recovery in a matter of hours.
    • Personal service: a real person always answers the phone.
  • Medication Cart options with Falk’s provided maintenance.

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Contact Information

  • Falk's Nursing Service LTC Pharmacy 221 E. 14th Street Duluth, Minnesota 55811
  • Phone:   218-740-2650 Fax:       218-740-3443 Office:    218-728-4242 Email:
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