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The Framework LTC Difference

Backed by decades of LTC pharmacy expertise, FrameworkLTC®’s configurable design, flexibility, built-in efficiencies, and resulting scalability make it the industry’s premiere pharmacy management system. 

Industry Specific.
FrameworkLTC is the only pharmacy software solution of its kind developed specifically to address the unique production environment, regulatory requirements and business needs of LTC pharmacy. 

FrameworkLTC forms the hub for your entire pharmacy management operations, creating a flexible, scalable system where data integrity remains key.

Integrated and Scalable.
FrameworkLTC is the industry’s most integrated LTC solution, allowing you to integrate new technologies as you need them.  Connect to:

  • ePrescribing, including electronic prescribing of controlled substances
  • eMAR and EHR applications
  • Dispensing and packaging equipment
  • Accounting applications
  • IVR systems
  • Consulting packages
  • Delivery systems
  • Content management systems
  • Group Purchasing Organizations

Unmatched data control.
As an open architecture Microsoft SQL database with the published Data Dictonary, FrameworkLTC enables you to access data and generate your own custom management reports, even create mass mailings. Perform further analysis to track, analyze and fine-tune your workflow.  Increase profitability while cutting costs. 
Forward thinking.
Because SoftWriters, the makers of FrameworkLTC, are members of relevant industry societies and hold leadership positions in the organizations, FrameworkLTC continues to remain ahead of change.  Continous product enhancements ensure FrameworkLTC is in front of new regulations, enabling your team to learn the new processes before the effective date.  New technologies are integrated quickly so you can take advantage of new opportunities. 

Facility Management
FrameworkLTC® has been designed to help you individually customize the pharmacy management systems surrounding any number of long-term care facilities. FrameworkLTC becomes the hub for your facility management, helping to improve communication between the pharmacy and facilities, reduce medication errors and enhance service to your customers.

  • Customize FrameworkLTC based on individual facilities.
    Fill prescriptions based on each facility’s specific information using FrameworkLTC. Customize the rules for a wide variety of facility information, including:
    • Med pass times
    • Nursing stations
    • Care level codes
    • Clinical options
    • MAR messages
    • Formularies
  • Improve communication between your facilities and pharmacies.
    Once your patients are in the FrameworkLTC system, any pharmacy can fill prescriptions for any given facility. Transfer a patient and their complete profile, prescription history, and active orders to another facility with one click.
  • Improve information and service with facility users.
    FrameworkLink™, a companion product to FrameworkLTC, is a web-based solution that allows facility users to view and maintain patient profiles, place drug orders, maintain non-drug orders, and print medical records.  New and refill orders are sent using NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 format, so your pharmacy can confidently accept orders from the facility, increasing efficiency by utilizing the ERx queue and limiting data entry required.  Updates to patient information are queued for approval by pharmacy staff, ensuring data integrity.
  • Reduce medication errors and improve patient safety.
    FrameworkLTC’s clinical tools use Medispan’s Drug Therapy Monitoring System (DTMS) to screen for and report:
    • Drug/drug interactions
    • Drug/food interactions
    • Drug/alcohol interactions
    • Prior adverse reactions
    • Possible duplications in therapy
    • Drug/disease contraindications
    • Appropriate dosing based on patient age and renal function

    These tests can be applied during prescription entry, initial pharmacists’ review, and/or final pharmacists review.

  •  Leverage technology to provide custom services.
    FrameworkLTC helps you provide the best possible service to facilities by offering a variety of customized tools. Each facility is individualized with:
    • Its own medical record and prescription label format
    • Different pricing schedules
    • A facility-specific Orders Library, to eliminate retyping common non-drug orders
    • And more.

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